With the primary vision of creating our customer homes the maximum comfort zone on the earth, we ensure that we can continue to respond different needs and desires of  valuble clients to maximum.

The Royal Florence promotes the development of innovative solutions through the state of art technology while the principles of quality, technical expertise, quality of life and responsibility towards man and the environment are always pursued. We always ensure active commitment and accepting responsibility for the future, protecting the environment and our natural resources in all of our business practices. Our core value is to protect customer interests in all aspects while the quality and longevity of our products and services addressing the needs of people our key focus.

With our wide spectrum of reliable products and services, Royal Florence takes the chore out of people’s household duties. This strong benefit focus and close customer contact have made Royal Florence one of Sri Lanka’s leading household solutions provider.


Our corporate Values

  • High quality of service
  • Professional Management
  • Protection of privacy and confidentiality
  • Credibility
  • Integrity & Impartiality
  • Accountability
  • Financial Soundness & Security
  • Upheld Corporate social responsibilities


One of the main concern of the Royal Florence is to provide the maximum quality to its clients with the best suitable & reliable solutions that long last. In doing so we Royal Florence uses only the Branded products and equipments from varified suppliers to ensure the best value and quality is delivered to our customers.

Technical expertise

The experience and innovative spirit of Royal Florence, assure outstanding technical assistance and the ability to combine proven solutions that are oriented towards people’s needs and feature maximum satisfaction and convenience to achieve improved quality of life.


Royal Florence acts on the basis of clearly defined principles, to address our customers’ needs in a more responsible manner.

Providing the best after sales service and easy access to information and 24Hr 365 Days assistance has always created the competitive edge in the market and kept us a step head all the time.

The principles of quality, technical expertise, quality of life and responsibility towards man and the environment are always pursued at the maximum level under the concept of Royal Florence homes.



No “Design Cost” free consultancy and expertise design modules shared free of charge, in order to design your as you desire.

Cost Reduction techniques – in order to provide the maximum value for money, within your budget and long term savings on maintains.

Quality Assurance – Uses only the best Branded products and equipment to ensure the best value, durability and safe while The civil engineering standards are always ensured.

On time completion of work – Carry out continues monitoring and audits on project schedule in order to guarantee on-time project completion

Upheld customer satisfaction in all functions in order to make sure the client’s satisfaction being a key objective in our corporate vision.

Move for truly natural and Eco friendly concepts with Royal Florence homes.