Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

Royal Florence specializes in domestic air conditioning units and cooling systems. Offers an optimal solutions for creation and maintenance of your desired climate for your sweet homes.
When you choose us, you are guaranteed the highest quality service. With highly experienced engineers through to our fully dedicated customer support team, we’re always available for all of your air-condition needs.
We only employ the most experienced air conditioning installation engineers in the industry who will always treat your home or business with the utmost care and attention.
We offer a free site survey to all our customers.

Why Us?

-Royal Florence highly value security concerns and confidentiality of our clients.
-Our expert surveyors will walk and talk you through all possible solutions so we can ensure that you get exactly what you need.
-Recommends solutions based on real scientific measurements (Room temperature, BTU calculations, etc)
-Accounts for long term cost saving methods and efficiency.
-Ultimate customer service and responsibility.
-Strictly uses only the best renowned best branded products.
-The best warranty period and continues customer support and assistance

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Surveillance Systems

Surveillance Systems

We are focused on the development of video surveillance and security solutions that provide the maximum level of security and coverage to meet customer expectations.
While we provide the most reliable and quality service to our customers the privacy and confidentiality ensured at the highest level.
We have a wide product range to select from to meet the exact requirements and best matches the environment which harmonise with the home design and other decorations.

-Surveillance Camera Systems: standard, dome, tilt cams and a wide dynamic range of IP cameras.
-Digital Video Recorders (DVRs): PC-based, embedded, hybrid, I.P., video servers
-Wireless & Outdoor Surveillance Systems: Custom design and installation
-Security & Surveillance System Monitors: LCD, HD Screens, Video Walls
-Door bells and access control systems
-All types of cameras available for custom requirements.

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We create the most attractive mind refreshing gardens mainly focused on customer convenience and ease of maintains and perfect results.

Artificial Grass installation

Main Advantages over Natural Grass

Lifestyle and ease of use: There is no doubt at all that in our busy lives, mowing the lawn, daily watering and fertilization can consume lot of money and time even for a normal size garden. Artificial grass needs very little maintenance and can free up a lot of time.

Environmental issues: As our weather grows warmer there will be more pressure on restricting water usage. Water restrictions can really destroy a natural lawn, but artificial grass will not be affected and can save water wastage. Pollution from water run off carrying chemicals into the drains is also minimized.

Dog runs: It can’t be dug up, its easy to clean and keep sterile and there will be no muddy paws. This makes it a favorite at dog kennels.

Swimming pools: Very useful as ground cover beyond the “splash back” area. No muddy areas to carry dust and dirt into the pool, no ruts from the sun loungers and stays green whatever the weather.

Roof gardens: If your roof is not strong enough to support a natural turf cover then artificial grass will fill in very nicely. It also means that you don’t need to worry about the grass clippings.

Ease of repair: If any part of the lawn is damaged that part can be easily repaired or restored.

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Royal Florence simply provide the most suitable solution to your curtains requirements through the expertise. We offer free site visit and technical assistance is choosing the most appropriate patterns, colours and designs to bring the maximum satisfaction to our valued customers.
Why buy our curtains?

-With the modern home concept unique designs are provided to best matches your living
-Free site visit and technical assistance
-Uses the best quality Fabrics and durable materials
-Client’s preferences on clolours and patterns are always ensured.
-Fabric and colour samples are home delivered at no cost.
-Value for your money ensuring the best customer satisfaction
-Security, privacy and confidentiality requirements highly considered.

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Home Interior Painting

Royal Florence offers world class Interior House Painting Service
Royal Florence is the most reliable and trusted residential painting company and our professional team of painters are trained and ready to bring your house interior to a new experience.
There is nothing quite like a coat of paint to lift up the interior of your home. It does not matter whether the house is new or old, Royal Florence have the experience and the team to bring the interior of your home to life.
We can help you to choose the right paints and colours to give your home a fresh and distinctive feel that you will be proud of.

-Interior house painting
-Latest interior arrangements & designing
-Free Colour Advice
-Apartment interior painting

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Lighting Solutions

Royal Florence offers a comprehensive selection of lighting solutions including ceiling lights, wall lights, crystal chandeliers, hall lanterns, fabric lamps and exterior lights.
Effective lighting design means putting light where it’s wanted and needed, and reducing or eliminating power consumption waste while preserving the architectural designing of home.

-Home deco lighting solutions
-Glare free diffuse lighting
-Outdoor lighting
-Energy saving and environmental friendly
-Focus on minimising the heat generated by lights
-Daylighting designs and solutions (the science of Day lighting)

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Custom Made Furniture

Custom Made Furniture

We build awesome handmade furniture. Tables, Cabinets, Benches and any other furniture can be made with best quality and it can be customized as you wish.
We have a vast variety of classical and modern product range made of organic timber.
Our specialty is working closely with customers to arrive at the perfect design in terms of style, functionality and building that design really well.

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Expert Movar Services

Expert Mover Services Nationwide

Whether you are moving to a new property or organizing office removals as your company relocates, we can provide you with the best assistance for entire removal process from start to finish.
Not only the physical stuff but we aren’t happy unless we know we have removed the stress, time and unnecessary costs from our valued clients.
Why choose us?

-Drivers you can trust, experienced and ensuring a quality service every time.
-We understand different needs
-We can work with tight timescales/budgets
-Removal and storage of your belongings
-Free no obligation survey
-Well trained, accredited staff
-Full packing service
-Full unpacking and set up service
-All necessary packing materials supplied for owner packing
-Full insurance cover, if necessary

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Bathroom Shower Cubicles

Royal Florence Shower cubicles

With a variety of enclosures to suit your needs Royal Florence creates your dream shower zone.
Enjoy a new bathroom that will resemble a star hotel with luxurious features and functions.

-Custom made shower cubicles for your need
-Fully enclosed glass shower cubicle and cabins
-Large variety of shapes and sizes
-Range of spare parts that fits most of bathroom fittings
-Unbeatable quality and warranty
Experience the quality showers and shower enclosures in your bathroom.

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Solar Power Systems

Royal Florence provides reliable custom designed energy solutions to residential sector.

Having a solar system increases the value of your home while it will make your home more attractive than one without. Adding a quality solar system to your roof should only enhance this notion.
Our direct links with manufacturers and local authorized dealers ensures the best quality and price for our customers.

-Guaranteed performance of every system
-World renowned brands and quality assurance
-Solar Power and storage systems
-Hot water systems
-High quality efficiency and long term reliability
-Contribution to save the nature

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